Financial Compliance – XBRL & EDGAR

Corporations are continuously challenged to file their financial documents as per the ongoing directives by the The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and that too in an accelerated time frame. SEC requires that all Issuers must post their XBRL files on their corporate website if they have one. It must be posted within 24 hours of filing with SEC.

Apart from Website link, it is now mandatory to make your XBRL files accessible to files outside EDGAR as well.Large enterprises are facing complex issues of technology, resources& knowledge in filing regulatory compliant reports to the relevant agencies.

Adametric offers comprehensive, technology-based services for regulatory compliance reporting of global enterprises. Our solutions foster collaborative work principles, structured process based delivery of proofs and compliance documents.

  • Corporate
  • Financial
  • Financial Tagging
  • SEC Filing
  • Section 16 Filing
  • 10K, 10Q, 20F Filing
  • EDGAR Conversion
  • HBRL Tagging
  • SEC Compliance
  • Reverse EDGAR
  • Typesetting & Editing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Layout & Composition
  • Electronic Deliverables

EDGAR Conversion and SEC Filing

Our turnkey solution for XBRL tagging, filing and hosting process is simple, reliable and as per industry standards. We perform initial tagging, provide you an online reviewer's guide for feedback and finally validate and file your XBRL file set and EDGAR concurrently with the SEC.

The purposes of reporting this way:

  • To make financial information easier for investors to analyze
  • XBRL-enabled SEC filings will assist the automating of your filings
  • Reducing the costs of filings and decrease the risks of inaccuracies
  • Enable analysts to identify the precise information they want for a quick and accurate analysis.

EDGAR Filing with Adametric is easy, affordable and secure. Our system is designed to ensure you have accurate accountability of all your filings. We guarantee that your filing will be completed on schedule and in compliance with SEC regulations. To accomplish this we have a simple process to EDGARize your document and transmit it quickly and securely to the SEC. The steps involved in EDGARizing, proofing and filing your EDGAR project:

Email documents with details
  • - Filers name, SEC Form type
  • - Contact Information
  • - CIK & CCC codes and SROS
  • - Filing date
  • - Conversion to EDGAR
  • - Proof via email for review
  • - Review EDGAR document
  • - Final edits and Proofing
  • - File Testing for Readiness
  • - Prefilling Authorization
  • - Go Live File with the SEC
  • - SEC acceptance
  • - Email Confirmation

We bring this service to you at considerably lower rates. With a yearly fee, we can post and host all your data on our server and we will continually update your SEC filings page with EDGAR and XBRL filings in real time. All you need to do is add a link on your corporate website Investors/SEC Filings page (or something similar) and direct that link to your page on our website. Out IT team can help you do this one time update on your site.


  • Keep pace with governmental compliance reforms
  • Stay apprised of all SEC, EDGAR and SEDAR changes through our compliance experts
  • Create reliable workflows to meet all EDGAR and SEDAR challenges
  • Streamline and enhance IR communications

Financial Publishing

We offer financial typeset services to Financial Printers, Publishers, Corporations & Mutual Funds providing "print-ready" output.We ensure visual elegance, structured layout that familiarizes users with the document, rendering easy navigation and accuracy with the objective of achieving zero error always.

Our typesetting standards flow hand in hand with industry upgraded tools and software; QuarkExpress, InDesign and many more. We meet the financial publishing needs of global enterprises, financial aggregators, data Intensive corporations and financial consults.

Documents we typeset:

For SEC requirements:

Annual Reporting (Form 10-K)
Current Reporting (Form 8-K)
Quarterly Reporting (Form 10-Q)

The forms including:

Registrations (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-6, S-8, 20-F, N-2, 424) 
Reports (10-K, 10-Q, 6-K, 8-K, N-PX)
Proxies (14A, 14C)
Electronic Deliverables

Legal Process Outsourcing

  • eDiscovery & Litigation
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Legal Business Development

eDiscovery And Litigation

  • Document review
  • Integrated discovery
  • Litigation support
  • Process driven QA
  • Timeliness & accuracy

We provide enterprises and law firms with effective process-driven solutions within budget with assurance of accuracy and demonstrable results.

1. Document Review

As a leading document review services company,Adametric specializes in electronic document reviews that enable global enterprises across multiple industries to simplify every perspective of the document review process.The end result focuses on process improvement and maximizing of value.The benefits we render:

  • Document review at enhanced speed
  • Cost and time savings
  • Meeting challenging deadlines
  • Build competitive edge

2. Predictive Review

Adametric`s portfolio of predictive Review combines our time-tested processes,technology and specialized review from one trusted team of legal experts.

  • Predictive Consultancy - We design an end-to-end review workflow that is secure by incorporating predictive coding technology,experienced document reviewers and statistical sampling.
  • Document Review - Our team does a strategic prioritization of documents after the process generates to focus energies on priority documents separating them from the more complex for the predictive tool to handle.
  • Litigation support - We assist our clients to conduct more effective research of specific facts or identification of evidence in support of dispositions or trials.We help with fact finding, witness interrogations and trial preparation.

3. Deposition & Trial Preparation

On the foundation of e-discovery and document review we create a blue-print to support your overall evidence strategy.To support your final trial,we provide evidences and facts that relate to specific persons or witnesses and organize facts and issues into a case file.While trial is conducted,we offer 24 7 fact and information search on demand to make your practice more efficient and comprehensive

4. Integrated Discovery

We deliver integrated,single-source e-discovery solutions.Our integrated discovery solution unifies the Electronic Discovery Reference Model(EDRM) and takes your project from early case assessment,to collection,processing,review and analysis,through production of documents.We employ flexible,efficient processes and use a consultative approach.

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Maintain compliance
  • Low-risk operation
  • Statutory & regulatory
  • Case-law support
  • Governance services

Corporate Transactions

  • An extended team
  • Secretarial Legal work
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Creation
  • M&A due diligence

Our services empower your legal experts to proactively manage every aspect of the contract lifecycle.

1. Contract Management

We manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts,from creation to drafting and negotiating and on to electronic filing,executive summaries to renewals and terminations. Our services provide you with better insight into your practices to ensure compliance,risk management and better returns.

2. Contract Abstraction

Adametric helps you to increase productivity and achieve compliance across the contract lifecycle by summarizing and analysing contractual terms and identifying missing,corrupt and duplicate files.We cover:

  • MSAs
  • NDAs
  • Vendor agreements
  • Software license agreements
  • Patent license agreements
  • Leases
  • Alliance agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Logistic agreements
  • ISDAs

3. Contract Drafting

Adametric`s contract drafting and review as support to your expanding contract workload helping you to concentrate on your core competencies.We help you to maintain contracts optimally minimizing all risks.When you outsource low-value contracts,your lawyers can spend more time focusing on negotiating business terms and pricing.We also provide additional value by reducing your internal turnaround time and streamlining your processes and provide regular status updates.

  • MSAs
  • NDAs
  • RFPs
  • Software license agreements
  • Patent license agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Consulting services
  • Technology-related agreements
  • Alliance agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Logistic agreements
  • Leases

4. M&A Due Diligence

Adametric provides insightful and critical data into a target company`s business profile and liabilities to support M&A transactions.We help you to ascertain potential business risk associated with a company`s legal disposition.Our due diligence services provide you with critical insights into a company`s potential and existing liabilities-to determine the potential success of an M&A transaction.

We access and review multiple sources like contracts, emails, government approvals, corporate documents, and property documents to provide a complete insight.

Our risk management and compliance services keep you up-to-date and in the clear.

5. Company Secretary (CS) on Demand

Call Adametric to hire an expert Company Secretary (CS) for managing your global corporate legal work. The CS would track and maintain corporate documents and execute statutory and business related filings on time. This would not only save you cost but provide you expert service on process-driven systems enabling information is updated regularly and accessed easily. This would also free up internal resources to focus on strategic activities.

Contract Preparation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Liquidations
  • Inter-Company Contracts
  • Registration Management
Contract Drafting
  • Resolution
  • MOM
  • Meeting Notices
  • Template Repository
Statutory Filing
  • Annual Report
  • Registrations
  • Withdrawals
  • Regulatory Filings
Database Services
  • Collect & Validate Data
  • Database Management
  • Data Access Control
  • Reports
Legal Research
  • Bespoke Research
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Legal Cataloguing
  • Company Law Asses

6. Research

With Adametric`s research you can get insights to manage and monitor the impact of regulations and regulatory developments. To get you the right information our experienced researchers search through varied data from multiple geographies and regions covering different regulations, terminologies and legal systems. This helps you in getting an experienced team at affordable price with quick deployment,

We deliver to you easy and relevant researched information with periodic updates on multiple surveys.

7. Legal Inventory Management

Adametric helps you to do a assessment and analysis of the consequences of non-compliance.The ever-changing Legislation creates several challenges to fully comply on all fronts and identify all the rules and regulations that are relevant and applies to your business.We help you to overcome the resource,time and cost issues of addressing this by providing the right expertise at the right budget.

A team of experts does a risk analysis and mitigation planning identifying the exact requirements of legal planning that relates to your unique business,industry and needs and identifying for each the requirements for legal compliance.

Law Firm Business Development

  • Multi-point Marketing
  • Acquire clients faster
  • Blog & Social Media
  • Media Services
  • Build Online Presence

Adametric`s business development solutions for law firms helps in creating multi-node marketing strategies to reach-out,connect and acquire prospective clients.Our research and analytics provide law firms better understanding of key clients and their needs and explore opportunities for acquiring new clients.Our solutions help you to build new clients and build businesses with your existing clients.

Research And Decision Support

Research driven innovation is the key to success in today's business environment amidst a highly competitive environment, disruptive technologies, and market dynamics. Adametric's data intensive and business centric 'Research and Discovery' enables existing business to grow and new businesses to get consolidated. We help corporate leaders, investors, technology experts and entrepreneurs across industries to drive growth.

Our innovative research and structured processes help to lower costs, increase revenues, beat competition, and acquire customers. Our researchers are domain experts and specialists familiar with technology and are well-versed in business, markets and trends.

Our research focus:

1. Custom Research

Our team of research specialists assesses client needs, develop research plans and deliver results and critical advice about markets, competition, technologies, and strategy to build existing business and to launch new businesses. We help clients with:

  • Prioritizing market focus
  • Research for Due Diligence
  • Leverage business on technology
  • Market Assessment
  • Analyze competition
  • Manage intellectual property
  • Partner Search & Selection
  • Technologies Strategies
  • Investment intelligence

2. Strategic Decision Support

Our Strategic Decision Support services enable clients to take informed strategic decisions on:

  • Extending existing technologies to new applications
  • Identifying the potential opportunities and associated risks of investing in a new technology areas
  • Assessing current and future regulatory changes

3. Regulatory Assessment

Adametric's Regulatory Assessment Research is a systemic approach to critically assess the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. The objective is to make it easier for defining issues and identifying the goals, as wellas to make the decision-making process more efficient, provides better justifications to the activities undertaken, and to minimise their potentially adverse consequences.

4. Innovation Intelligence

In the quest of identifying real opportunities, enterprises on a path towards growth and progress seek Adametric Innovation research to harness critical information and scan the business and technology horizon to identify and estimate opportunities, create innovation pipeline and do competitive benchmarking. This leads to venture and enterprise success.

5. M&A & Collaboration

Adametric helps companies to gain access to new markets, enhance capabilities and build capacities and technologies.Our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Support enable enterprises to build shareholder value reach organizational goals. Our Research on M&A Support ensures understanding of trends in the M&A landscape and potential partner discovery. We explore:

  • Strategic alternatives for growth
  • Target identification and intelligence
  • Sector Discovery and Intelligence
  • Alliance Management

6. Market Tracking

Adametric provides precise and measurable market intelligence & critical market information for new business development, accurate product planning and marketing decisions. We cover:

  • Discover and search emerging technology and adoption on company, geography & value chain
  • Identify technology vs. location assessment of growth
  • Find disconnects and opportunities within value chains from feedstock to market
  • Business resources deployment analysis on technology and services adoption
  • Data based Capacity planning and production scheduling for emerging technologies

7. Pharma & Life Sciences

Adametric's Pharma and Life Sciences services cover Discovery, Launch and Development. We help your business grow.

We help you to expand your business portfolio and make winning decisions across the research cycle by providing reliable and contextual information that is critical to your success. We deliver tailored scientific intelligence, competitive intelligence, expert analysts, regulatory guidance, API intelligence based on your specific business needs.

i. Sector Discovery

We help you to identify opportunities with the current and future perspectives in reference to achieve sustainable growth. Our research team has the expertise to tracking industry knowledge and development to identify opportunities. Our Sector Discovery consists of:

a. Sector Scanning
  • Explore new technology and business
  • Risk mitigation through identification of future challenges and opportunities
  • KOL insights
  • Market Intelligence
b. Opportunity Strategy
  • Target market identification and evaluation
  • Opportunity planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Risk mitigation

ii. Research& Analysis

Adametric enriches your R&D efforts with expert insight and tailored data helps in achieving faster market reach. Our research findings are created through our expert's exploration and deep diving into multiple sources of chemical, biological, and pharmacological data and analytics. We produce Scientific R&D intelligence, Pharmaceutical market intelligence, IP intelligence, and Regulatory intelligence. Our services cover:

a. Drug Development

We help you support and enhance your drug discovery process with expert insight and multi-disciplined data.

b. Systems Biology

Expand your R&D possibilities. Our bespoke systems biology research and analysis augments your R&D plan and efforts.

c. Life Science Research

We provide cost-effective and business oriented life science research and fact finding with our research scholars detailed study of the data repositories.

d. Pharmaceutical Research

Our innovative research framework and custom research helps with vital information and helps you increase your discovery ROI.

iii. Business Growth Mapping

Adametric has a framework and domain expertise to help you explore growth opportunities in existing and new markets. We create a road map for developing your business by identifying and acquiring the right partner and expanding your portfolio of services and solutions by combining market intelligence and well searched scientific dataOur market forecasts reach perfection through market intelligence, competitive intelligence, IP intelligence and growth planning.

a. Business Development

We help you identify products and sources to perfectly align with your business outlook.

b. Competitive Intelligence

We provide insight and pharma intelligence for competitive knowledge to track your competitors.

c. Technology Partner Identification

To boost innovation we help you to go beyond the current development perspectives and reach out to other industry players for collaborative development.

iv. Compliance Support

a. Regulatory Affairs

By managing your approval process we help you get to market faster with our global regulatory intelligence.

b. Clinical Trial Development

Our pharmacological intelligence is effective for trial strategies to get your drug pass through every clinical stage.

8. Renewable Energy

Adametric's Renewable Energy practice addresses for informed decision-making of the highly complex, competitive and unpredictable of market eco-system. Our services addresses a wide spectrum of needs – market sizing, future technology and trends, projects outlining, partner identification and identifying cost effective technologies. Our team delivers effective actionable insights that prepare the industry players for the right decision making and plan for the future.

Our Research and Discovery on Renewable Energy looks at the requirements of Wind, Solar, Bio-mass and Geo-thermal.

Our team of experts and engineers conduct extensive market & techno-commercial studies that uncover opportunities and identify risks. We also engage thought leaders from our industry network; use our curated discovery and knowledge to design business framework that help our client to address critical business challenges.

We provide insights on:

  • Industry and trend analysis
  • Environmental & regulatory Insights
  • Opportunity & feasibility Assessment
  • Supplier identification
  • Market and technology Intelligence
  • Competitor landscaping and analysis
  • Pricing analysis

9. Scholarly and STM Research

Enhance your discovery efforts with Adametric's bespoke research and discovery that's created specifically in line with your need and discovery priorities

We bring together reliable, multidisciplinary and unbiased content along with information and intelligent research for analysis. You are served what you need to cut reduce the unnecessary and irrelevant data clutter and information overload. You data searched and collated through multiple sources like repositories, books, journals, patents, and more. Our research and discovery helps you to find, analyze, and use the most contemporary relevant information in science, technology, arts and humanities, medical to augment your research and identify collaborators.

10. Technology Research

Adametric delivers technology-related research and insight necessary for our clients decision making at every stage and cycle of their business. The technology world is constantly evolving and becoming complex.Providing the right information that is contemporary enables you in right decisions quickly.

The quality of our tailored bespoke research on technology makes the critical difference between success and failure when applying IT to business problems and opportunities.

Our methodology involves searching through multiple sources to generate logical and relevant data content towards actionable plans for our clients. Some of the key custom research we specialize in:

  • Data storage and management
  • Software Appliances
  • Mobility and Communication
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud and SaaS

Our research services address multiple business stakeholders and functional specialist:

  • IT Leaders

    Deliver real-time insights to propel key decisions &support your priority technology initiatives

  • Marketing Specialists

    Research on data, tools & expert advice to drive campaigns and outreach programs for results

  • Strategy and Advice

    Targeted research for generating new business value and competitive advantage

  • Executive Programs

    Help IT teams grow; build competitive advantage and operational efficiency

  • Business Leaders

    Role based research forS&M professionals, product &PR specialists to be more successful

  • Technical Professionals

    Detailed technical research for technology teams to deliver results on IT strategy

  • Technology Investors

    Custom built research to support investments, due diligence, risks & opportunity assessments

  • Competitive Profiling

    Comprehensive analysis on features, pricing and characteristics of products and services

Design & Content Services

Much like other industry sectors, the global graphics arts industry is facing severe challenges brought about by rising cost structures, competition and globalization. Similarly the content requirement in the industry is challenged with skilled and knowledgeable resources and quality of output that has logic and relevant to the business it addresses. Some of these include:

  • Pressure on profit margins from rising operations costs
  • Outgrowing existing production capacities
  • Expansion of portfolio
  • Refocus on ideation &content vs. production
  • Shortage of skilled and creative manpower

Adametric is a managed design and content services provider that delivers creative and content as per a defined business need and brief to create content that output that relates t your business

1. Design Services

Adametric has a fully equipped Design Studio and stands to partner you in all your needs in print, web, multimedia and digital production. We have collaborated with the best design minds to create a group of extraordinary creative talents to create a path-breaking, out of the box designs of all kinds. Adametric's Offshore Design Studio provides:

  • Web and Online

    We take our client's brand online with a website that reflects your business, products and services most effectively and addresses the right target.

    We manage the entire cycle of the creation from planning, design, build, programming and even hosting the site to meet all your needs. Our design studio has the resource and knowledge to create the entire range from basic information-only or corporate site through to a complex e-commerce portal and even blogs.

    We specialize in creating dynamically designed websites:

    • Contemporary design
    • Functionality based
    • E-Commerce platform or portal to sell

    The team not only designs the website but has the knowledge to optimize for viewing on multiple devices like Tablets, Desktops, and smartphones.

  • Graphic Design

    Adametric's designers take pride in creating extra-ordinary designs on multiple materials like paper, plastic, clothing, vehicles, canvass, ceramics, wood and more. Our graphic designers can create anything that you need and ensures that your brand identity and messaging stands you out from the competition. The studio produces:

    • Page design & layout-Annual Report, books and magazines
    • Collateral creation-Logo, brochure, leaflet, literature, flyer, infographics
    • Corporate-Branding, presentations, Reports, Mailers
    • Commercial-Exhibition materials, promotion materials and Signage
    • UI Design and Icon creation
  • Image Management

    Adametric delivers a full range of artwork services, ranging from simple clipping to creative editing. Our years of experience and creative exposure are the foundation of our services addressing the needs of:

    • Photographers
    • Publishers
    • Advertisement and Media Agencies
    • Fashion Industry
    • Industrial and Automobile Industry
    • E-commerce/ Web portals

    Our Service Offerings covers the entire range of managing all elements of image services

    • Image Editing
    • Image Cleaning& Cloning
    • Image Manipulation
    • Image Conversion
    • Masking/ Image Clipping
    • Icons& illustrations
    • Image Restoration
    • Image Stitching
    • Drop Shadow
    • Image Colouring
    • Image Shading
    • Image Watermark / Signature
    • Image Cropping
    • Image Enhancement
    • Image Re-touching
  • Animation Services

    Organizations outsource animation and special effects to Adametric for cost-effective and high quality services. If your company is looking for cutting-edge animation services at a low cost, Adametric is your design partner.

    Our design animation studios has the expertise in varied types of animation from 2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, to product domos, viral videos, illustrations, logos, banners, portraits and caricatures, designing and creating compelling animation that meets your specifications.

  • Digital Design

    Adametric has one of the best creative design teams for the electronic and digital media. We help companies to communicate and engage with their customers. The team specializes in:

    • Mobile Application Design
    • Video Creation
    • Social Media Creatives
    • e-Book and XML
    • Infographics

    We enhance the digital experience through our integrated digital marketing strategies that spans across multi-media, digital platforms, mobility, consumer environment and channels.

    So, If you are looking for excellence in service, competitive pricing, exceptional delivery, innovative thinking and skills, Adametric is the one stop answer to all your creative and digital needs.

2. Content Services

Adametric is the junction where clients get relevant, contemporary and creative content that meets their business needs. We provide content related to blogs, articles, reviews, newsletters, press releases, trade briefs, research articles-the entire range that suffices your need!

Our specialized content team delivers content that bears the hallmark of accuracy, simplicity, relevance through in-depth research.

a. Blogging & Article Writing

Based on the businesses we serve, we create blogs that enables you to engage with your and present customers, build your visibility and recall value and showcases your knowledge & services.

We build a strategy for your blog and article writing, customize and design your blog based on your website and corporate profile, co-ordinate with your teams to generate blogs and establish and maintain the desired frequency of delivery and update.

b. Website content

We create your first identity in front of your prospects by creating effective content for your website. By creating the right content for your website, we build your brand online and ensure your business success by getting relevant traffic to your website.

Our process involves a research into your area of operations, understand your business perspectives and goals and create content that is aligned to these objectives.

c. Newsletters

We augment your lead nurturing activities by creating newsletters that persuade and interest your prospects and target customers. Adametric provides relevant & engaging content and designs your newsletters in line with your business outlook and focused campaigns.

d. Press Releases

Adametric's content services for press release targets people from media to and attract attention to your news. This builds your visibility, expands your network and delivers information to your stakeholders like customers, investors and compliance related authorities.

e. Infographics

We create design enriched infographics that delivers in-depth insights backed up by our quality research that conveys facts, figures, and statistics relevant to your business. We create infographics by researching, collecting valid and analyzing data to present the right information. The information that is created through our team not only serves as a source for the infographic but also can be useful to create blogs, white papers and articles.

f. Social media services

Adametric's content team also provides Social Media services, enabling you to engage with your customers over the growing marketing channel that you can never ignore. Our team sits with you to understand your business outreach priorities, processing and creating content and reaching out to your customers that finally impacts your business acquisition programs.