We have built ourselves on the fundamentals of:

  • Scale

    Scale up resources and technology capability

  • Innovation

    To provide innovative business

  • Speed

    Improve the speed of turn-around

Enable higher ROI and enhanced competitiveness for our customers.

Adametric is a dynamic and fast growing business and technology leader specializing in products, services and solutions for customers in multiple industries and domains worldwide. Our Flexible global sourcing enables our customers to define the model to deliver real business and strategic value; be it On-site, Offshore, Offsite or Hybrid.

Our teams work transparently and communicate every step of the way to deliver outcomes that exceed our customer's expectations. Our customers value our deep industry knowledge and broad technology expertise as the foundation of solving highly complex and difficult business challenges.

Ask Adametric to help transform your core processes with speed, innovation and scalability.

Culture and Values

Information technology is revolutionizing the world. And at Adametric, our people are revolutionizing Information Technology. It is their vision, commitment and their quest to learn and create using the very latest technology that helps keep Adametric at the forefront of the IT revolution.


Deliver innovative business results through high performance, contemporary technology solutions


By 2020 be regarded as the fastest growing and most innovative new age solutions company


Creativity and Results Integrity and Transparency Empowerment & Teamwork Socially Responsible

At Adametric we believe in empowering our people. Our work culture spawns initiative, great ideas, social consciousness and strong ethics. We garner their expertise spread over a wide range of technologies and applications as our most valuable asset.

We are result-oriented, and have a passion for excellence. We communicate issues transparently, and involve all in an atmosphere of trust and integrity. We are corporate citizens with sensitivity to the people, societies and environments we operate in.


No single company can do it all.

Adametric’s ‘New Age Partnership Model’ has been central to our success at building strategic partnerships with Product and Technology Leaders. Our alliances have played a critical role in our drive towards continuous innovation.

We recognize the vital role partners play in helping our customers succeed. Our ecosystem of product partners, solution creators and domain consultants provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration, delivering exceptional value and tailored solutions to help meet the specific needs of your business.

The success of our alliances revolves around a pivot that involves sharing common strategic objectives, innovative outlook and commitment to the customer to build win-win relationships.

Sourcing & Delivery

Partnering on global delivery outsourcing is now a strategic imperative of companies worldwide. It’s a significant for any organization that wants to remain competitive in the dynamic global economy.

Adametric’s Global Delivery Model is very unique and is designed keeping in mind the best combination of onsite and offshore models with a hub and spoke delivery methodology that helps for quicker and low cost solutions to be made available with maximum benefits and minimum risks.

The benefits of our global platform:

  • Access to the best talent, worldwide
  • Mapping with clients’ global footprint: Delivery centres where you need them most—close to your facilities, staffed with people who speak your language and share your business culture
  • Geo-political diversification: De-risking the portfolio across geographies to ensure business continuity
  • Financial de-risking: Spreading services delivery across geographies to tightly manage costs

Our perfect co-ordination between all the offshore development centres in accordance with the client’s satisfaction is carried out effortlessly with our continuous up gradation of systems, processes, quality implementations, project management approach and the most contemporary means of communication.


We induct employees into the company in line with the business plans of the company, motivate and encourage them to perform to their fullest potential and retain talent on a long term basis.

Values and Guiding Principles: We believe and recognize that the employee is associating with us to pursue career objectives/expectations of his/her own, and that we should nurture this on a long-term basis. Thus, all dealings with our employees are conducted transparently, such that long-term relationship and mutual benefits are enhanced

To this end, we,

  • Create an environment for employees to fully develop their skills and contribute their best
  • Respect the dignity and individuality of every employee
  • Create an attitude of openness that promotes innovative thinking
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential
  • Recognize and appropriately reward employee contributions
  • Build a feeling of trust amongst all

Whether you're fresh out of college, or an experienced professional, Adametric is the place to be. Here, you can cultivate your expertise, use your knowledge or re-invent yourself.

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