Our Approach

Digital Transformation is rewriting new business rules and is now a strategic issue and not just about technology platforms or business processes.

Adametric’s Digital Innovation Strategies uses digital technologies to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises. Our service focuses on technology-enabled initiatives to change how the enterprise operates – its customer engagements, internal operations, and even business models.

The facets of our Digital Transformation Framework include the following:

Digital Strategy

Lay out of a roadmap, through assessment and study:

  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Assessment of Customer Experience
  • Social, Cloud and Mobile Strategy Definition
  • Enterprise integration roadmap
Big Data

We help you assimilate and analyze the rapid expansion of big data in multiple places and develop a valuable composite picture of your business and customer amidst.

Social Media

We integrate your business with social media for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer engagement, building loyalty and sharing or “crowdsourcing” solutions among partners and customers in the ecosystem.


We help you increase productivity, help in re-thinking business processes, be the face of customer engagement, target consumers near the point of sale.

Cloud Computing

Our integrated cloud services offers new scalability and economy and creates shadow more optimized use of operational resources and IT.

As much as this digital transformation is creating new opportunities for businesses, it is also throwing up new challenges; aligning with dynamic market expectation, drawing insights from high volume disparate data, competitive benchmarking and building business predictability ROI and marketing optimizations.

Adametric's Digital Transformation provides highly customized industry specific solutions that is founded and supported by effective tools, specialist technology teams, global partnerships with marketing & domain expertise. We help organizations integrate people, process and insight to re-engineer the products, services and experiences they offer to their customers.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions cover the following:

Digital Strategy

  • Digital plan and Strategy

    We help you to create digital business strategies and business models, aligning your organization with the new demands and challenges of the new digital economy and scoping your digital engagement with customers, partners and employees.

  • Digital Content Production

    Our expertise in design, domain and subject matter helps you convert your marketing communication into creative designs and relevant content to enhance customer delight. We effectively produce and bring your ideas to the business front that delights your customer at each step and media.

  • Customer Experience Design

    We map your customer needs & expectations and integrate to create an user experience that fosters better connect with your customers and faster business growth. Our design to development and technology expertise helps to convert design solutions into responsive websites and mobile applications.

Digital Transformation

  • Campaign Implementation

    Our digital campaign management and delivery is composed of SEO, Social Media marketing and Analysis, Media Planning, Sentiment analysis that can engage your customers, partners and employees to give you the desired results.

  • Digital Transformation Operations

    Adametric's Digitization Operation solutions provide organizations with tools, expertise, consulting and implementation skills to speed up the digital transformation process while optimizing operational efficiency and ROI.

  • Digital Asset Migration

    As organizations develop digital assets, Adametric helps manage these digital assets properly. Our Digital Asset Management solutions ensure digital asset migration and management of diverse formats, sizes and platforms to enable easy access to the digital assets any time, every time.

Digital Applications

  • Mobile Applications

    We analyse your target groups to transform customer experiences on mobile. We create responsive and intuitive mobile applications integrating user experience design across their mobile devices to suit your customer's needs and preferences.

  • Cloud Solutions

    We partner with you to enhance your digital transformation process with Adametric's cloud solutions and make technology align with your business needs. We create amazing apps and experiences that work on any platform.

  • Social Media Applications

    Adametric understands the mechanics of social media and develops applications suitable and useful in devising powerful ways to collaborate and contribute. We help you leverage the new digital conversational networks are to foster collaboration between employees, partners, and customers. Our teams come with comprehensive experience, knowledge management capabilities, data categorization capabilities, project execution support and digital platforms integration knowledge.

Digital Analytics

  • Data Analysis and Insights

    Adametric helps you with business decision support and creates insights out of data that helps you define winning business roadmaps through our cloud, big data and predictive analytics solutions.

  • Channel Analytics

    We re-engineer your partner and Supply Chain strategy and planning to improve performance, distribution, planning, collaboration and business forecasting.

  • User Centric Analysis

    Our User centric analysis brings in new perspectives of your business with the help of our deep analytical insights to help you improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives.