Adametric addresses the challenges that enterprises encounter with their IT set up, applications and management. We enable enterprises to adapt to the competition and business dynamics in the market. We help them in aligning technology with business to make them effective, competitive and aligned with the changing economy.

Application Development

Global completion is forcing enterprises to seek optimization in cost and value from their IT investments and address changing business needs. Adametric's services are founded on innovation and technology expertise and help you to expand into new markets while reducing overall costs. We resolve key issues like high cost of sustaining legacy, unstructured enterprise architecture, incoherent knowledge and set-up of business processes, and low utilization of IT infrastructure.

Adametric Application Development provides the necessary set-up, products and tools to build and deploy new age business solutions on contemporary technologies providing enhanced productivity while focusing on business performance through increased ROI and lowered TCO.

  • Full Life-Cycle Application Development: We own end-to-end responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems
  • Collaborative Application Development:Teams work closely with our customers' in-house IT team for bringing business centric enterprise applications on board.
  • Specialized Application Development: Our team of technology experts create commercial grade enterprise applications for Web, Mobile and Digital Media

We offer diverse industry experience in custom application development, bringing ideas from different fields that can be tailored to your exact needs. We create the best fit solution to lower your cost of ownership while offering scalability for growth and facilitate adoption and integration with Cloud, RIA, SOA and Mobile applications that are opening new options for business growth.

Migration & Porting

Enterprises across the world need to address complex challenges related to shortage of contemporary skills, difficulty of maintenance of complex architecture, need for on-going support, issues of integration and many more; a need to migrate or port your existing applications. Furthermore, migration and modernization could be necessitated on account of support across multiple platforms, faster response time, multi-channel access, web-based services or various other functional enhancements.

At Adametric, we help enterprises address these challenges successfully by working as a migration and porting specialist. We take care of cross platform compatibility challenges to enable our clients to focus on product innovations, strategy re-engineering and other high-value business needs.

  • Assessment & Strategy - to determine product architecture/environment & map project specs
  • Pre .NET -to-.NET migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Application Server migration (e.g. JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, etc)
  • Web-enabling legacy applications
  • Programming Language migration

Application Management

We help customers to focus on their core business while taking over the software maintenance and support function. Our relationship ranges fromextended resource augmentation to product roadmap ownership.

Our extensive experience in providing application management services has helped IT departments spend less on maintaining enterprise applications thus enhancing productivity and profitability. We help in reduction of overall support costs by40-50% with long term shared services model,Our effective change management mechanism include end-to-end application development, maintenance and support services in line with business requirements.

Adametric's Application Management services comprises of:

  • AM
  • Application Optimization
  • Application Maintenance
  • Dedicated
    AM Team

AM Assessment

We address the unique business and IT requirements of every customer by leveraging our best practices and proven approach while at the same time tailoring it to your unique business situation. Adametric achieves this objective with a strategic assessment exercise creating a risk-free roadmap for your specific application management initiatives.

Application Optimization

Adametric's application optimization helps you to leverage your company's investment in enterprise business solutions by:

  • Increasing the business value of your applications through application architecture improvements
  • Removing the gaps between application functionality and business process requirements
  • Increasing your responsiveness to business needs
Our approach helps your organization to achieve improved metrics, enhanced functionality, improved integration, effective reporting and greater overall efficiencies.

Application Maintenance

Adametric manages enterprise application transformation through change request, planning, implementation and verification. Our dedicated Application Management team provides new feature upgrades and ensures defects-free rolled out of the enhanced applications.

Key Features of Adametric's Application Maintenance Service includes:

  • Change request management
  • Bug fixes, minor feature changes
  • Minor enhancements
  • Patch releases
  • Periodic planned releases

Dedicated Application Management Team

Adametric can help you to establish a fully equipped, business ready state-of-the-art offshore "Dedicated Application Management Team" to keep pace with the ever growing and changing IT landscape and trends in business. The dedicated team with its skilled resource pool with access to latest technology, best practices and processes continuously define new ways of enhancing and optimizing the most demanding IT applications management needs.

Key features of Dedicated Application Management Team:

  • User Experience centric for business process enablement and technology support
  • Well-defined metrics for support, maintenance and other services
  • Complete visibility in metrics, SLAs, exceptions, outages etc., through Dashboard
  • Flexible resource model providing you ultimate flexibility to meet changing business needs
  • Blended delivery methodology with offshore and on-site resources cost optimization

Testing and Validation

Testing of enterprise applications is extremely critical and forms the backbone of business operations across many industries. Ineffective testing and a defective application release not only prove to be costly for enterprises, but also impacts productivity adversely.

Adametric's testing and QA teams understand these challenges and take utmost care to design unique domain specific test strategies for enterprises in different industries.We offer comprehensive outsourced validation & verification services which optimizes the crucial quality activities from functional verification to defect management and business flows testing.

Our Testing and Validation Services ensure that your software applications are rigorously tested using industry-standard testing methods. This results in faster "time-to-market" for software products and quicker deployment of application

We provide testing and validation services in multiple technologies through manual mode and ready test automation framework. Our testing services are executed through our dual-shore model with continuous capability improvement covering entire SDLC.

Our integrated, full lifecycle testing and validation enables you
  • to define and manage your application testing process,
  • validate application functionality to ensure that your applications will perform under load.
We analyze the business requirements in details and come up with the best-fit 360° testing solution with rigorous test coverage.Our focus is much more than just testing and acceptance. It's all about enabling enterprises to get grip and control over the entire IT life cycle to optimize business results. We offer the following as part of our Testing & QA solutions:
  • Management of functional, system, regression and usability test
  • Management of certification and performance (load and stress) tests
  • Test automation and test suite
  • Release management, Build management using industry standard tools and procedures
  • Statistical analysis of test results and reports
  • Dedicated test lab support.

EAI & Web Services

As enterprises expand into different business areas, they acquire disparate technology solutions, technologies and applications. These applications need to communicate and share information with each other on a heterogeneous mix of interoperability, formats and standards of operations.

Adametric's EAI & Web services help to access information systems and integrate heterogeneous information systems faster, more cost-effectively, and more uniformly than ever before. Businesses can expose business functions and legacy data as Web services, and tools on any platform can use them with minimal effort.

  • Design
    • High/Low level design
  • Implement
    • Tool Installation & Configuration
    • Adaptor Development
    • Bussiness Process & Data Flow Design
  • Rollout
    • Rollout Plan
    • Deploy solution to
    • Production
    • Acceptance Sign Off
  • Assessment
    • Business Case
    • Business Scenario
    • Identify platforms, Applications & Processes to be integrated
    • Assess tools 7 Technology Investments
    • Define EAI Strategy
  • Definition
    • Business Process
    • Definition
    • Architecture Definition
    • Data Mapping POC

Our EAI services facilitate integration of client systems at the data, application, platform, service and process levels – enabling data synchronization across heterogeneous environments. We provide for a scalable integration infrastructure to address both the current and future integration needs of the expanding enterprise.

Our services are as follows:

  • EAI Assessment
  • EAI Roadmap Definition
  • Solution Architecture
  • SOA Adoption & Migration
  • B2B integration

EAI Assessment & Evaluation

From enterprise application integration consulting, through product evaluation, ERP integration and also open source integration, Adametric has the expertise and experience to ensure continuous, secure, and actionable flows of information across your enterprise.

With skills in application development and integration, Adametric has vast experience in working with leading EAI & ERP tools. Adametric is well positioned in providing valuable consulting services such as integration architecture, implementation team, interface development and solution framework.

EAI Roadmap Definition

Adametric's EAI Assessment and Roadmap Strategy Consulting provides the direction and strategy for EAI implementation for your business. We help enterprises determine their current status on EAI strategy and the path to reach the desired destination. Our assessment and roadmap services includes:

  • Analysis and Documentation of current application integration
  • Identification of gaps of the infrastructure, architecture and approach to align and support business goals
  • Approach design for building Enterprise Integration Architecture to integrate with enterprise applications
  • Plan to attain a measureable ROI and formulate EAI budgets though frameworks and rapid prototyping

Solution Architecture Design

Adametric designs & develops Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) architecture focusing on successful implementation of scalable, reliable, incremental and cost-effective solutions covering the spectrum of integration requirements. We address different levels of integration, each with its own requirements and considerations:

  • Within an application framework
  • Between applications within an enterprise (A2A)
  • Between enterprises (B2B)

When writing the standard for new application development, we select the exact technologies and methodologies best suited to the enterprise. For EAI Application development we use Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) etc. Components written to the same standard, using any of these technologies can easily interoperate in a flexible, scalable environment.

Adametric uses a combination of middleware and I/O Exchange components to create a powerful architecture for A2A and business-to- business (B2B) integration. All I/O exchange components communicate, out of the box, using XML. That makes it a natural fit with Microsoft's BizTalk and other XML-based B2B gateways. This provides a single, standardized methodology for providing full spectrum of integration solutions.

Features of Adametric's EAI Architecture:

  • New application development via component based development
  • A2A integration employing components, messaging, and I/O Exchange
  • B2B integration leveraging the foundations of solid A2A integration by adding Web servers and gateways
  • Architecture is flexible, scalable & designed to embrace new standards and technologies

SOA Adoption & Migration

Adametric's modernization and SOA enablement solutions allow you to quickly build new services and without changing underlying program code. We help leverage existing application code and data to rapidly generate Web and business services - keeping your competitive and business ready.

We enable enterprises to rapidly address emerging market needs by producing composite objects and updated user that enables time-tested legacy applications and open systems workloads to actively engage together in new service oriented architecture (SOA) and Web-based initiatives

B2B integration

Adametric's EAI solution combines the middleware and I/O exchange components to create powerful architecture for Business-to-Business (B2B) integration. All exchange components can communicate, out of the box, using eXtensible Markup Language (XML). This gives a single, standardized methodology for providing a full spectrum of integration solutions.

Adametric specializes in architecting B2B integration on Micosoft's BizTalk server, IBM B2B Integrator, WebMethods, TIBCO, BEA Collaborator.


Automates the application integration process:

Adametric’s EAI solutions can automate aspects of integration process that enables business applications to exchange business-level information in formats they can understand. Adametric’s EAI solutions reduce manual coding resulting in project costs.

Helps build designs faster:

Maturity Model and repository of frameworks and templates enabling ease of architecture that helps build designs faster

Remains “non-invasive”:

Our EAI technology normally uses adapters to abstract the complexities associated with each enterprise application. Due to this you are oblivious about what is going on inside these applications. Therefore the application connections can be more easily maintained and applications can be easily added or upgraded without major system development requirements. This again results into a cost-effective and timely solution.

Permits a unified view enterprise data:

Our EAI solutions helps to create a unified view of the enterprise’s information enabling the stakeholders a better decision-making. For example, a customer care executive could see the complete customer relationship in order to better service customers.

Supports cross-system consistency:

Adametric’s EAI solution makes it easier for the enterprise to maintain data integrity, since all information is tied to a central hub.

Supports reuse of applications:

Using the Adametric’s EAI technology, many of the functions and processes employed in existing ERP or legacy applications can be carried over to new application development.

Enterprise Transformation

Transforming the way your enterprise operates is no longer an option if you plan to stay ahead in the world of increasing competition, high operating costs, changing market dynamics and emerging digital technologies.

  • Skilled resource
  • Technical capability
  • Iterative process
  • Domain expertise

Adametric's "Transformation Services" help organizations re-evaluate and re-design their and IT set-up to optimize IT investments, build new capabilities and reduce IT costs up to 40%. We build, migrate and integrate robust, flexible and complex applications and information systems to align with enterprise business goals.

Our continued investment in skilled resources, cutting-edge technologies and iterative delivery models help us transform you enterprise, deliver innovative services in line with enterprise expectations.

The key areas that we address in our offerings for the Transformation services are:

  • Replacement of legacy systems
  • Elimination of non-priority initiatives
  • Application porting and migration
  • High performance and scalability
  • Implementation of agile, SOS architecture
  • Business processes and Application integration
  • New business models

Modernize and Migrate

Our Enterprise Modernization solution helps customers to modernize their legacy systems without impacting opportunity cost, without heavy investment, with minimal risk and no business disruption. Adametric's Enterprise Modernization can help customers to quickly transform cumbersome old applications to modern web-based applications without changing any code. And all this without any change or impact to any of the current business rules but with improved interfaces and usability.

Besides web-based, we also help customers to extend their legacy systems to Service Oriented Architecture and integration with other business applications on contemporary technologies.

  • Planning - roadmap for the enterprise, from architecture to teams to new applications and integration
  • Architecture – analysis of code-base, business objectives and recommend architecture improvements
  • Design – design UI for web, mobile and digital media, application flow and integration perspectives
  • Migration – augmentation of applicability across design architectures, technologies, platforms and domains
  • Data - restructuring, merging and migration of legacy data into contemporary systems for easier data access
  • Coding – delivery as per plan on the applications, integration and architecture
  • Integration – synchronization of processes, integration of SOA for applications to "talk" to each other
  • Testing – QA and code review to ensure all applications and solutions are delivered bug free
  • Review - To ensure adherence and consistency with that technical concepts and application output
  • Installation – Put in place programs, applications, data to run the systems as per plan and design
  • Documentation – To inform enterprise and keep in record the relevant technical content of the document
  • Training - Train and keep a core team at the enterprise level about data, application and technical details


Enterprises across the world need to address complex challenges related to shortage of contemporary skills, difficulty of maintenance of complex architecture, need for on-going support, issues of integration and many more; a need to migrate or port your existing applications. Furthermore, migration and modernization could be necessitated on account of support across multiple platforms, faster response time, multi-channel access, web-based services or various other functional enhancements.

At Adametric, we help enterprises address these challenges successfully by working as a migration and porting specialist. We take care of cross platform compatibility challenges to enable our clients to focus on product innovations, strategy re-engineering and other high-value business needs.

  • Assessment & Strategy - to determine product architecture/environment & map project specs
  • Pre .NET -to-.NET migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Application Server migration (e.g. JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, etc)
  • Web-enabling legacy applications
  • Programming Language migration

BI and Analytics

At Adametric, we understand the kind of BI challenges faced by our customers. We offer solutions that help sharpen the focus on your organizational vision and take business results to the next level of success.

With our extensive BI and Analytics expertise, customers will:

  • Align business intelligence solutions with corporate strategies
  • Measure performance against predefined corporate targets with a variety of solutions (including balanced scorecard, detailed KPI analytics, data mining, and reporting)
  • Share, distribute, and filter pertinent BI information across multiple organizations and stakeholders
  • Translate corporate strategies and goals into business processes that can be efficiently monitored and evaluated
  • Support decision-making processes so that priorities can perform within the bounds of a rapidly changing economy

Adametric's BI practice offerings address the complete lifecycle needs for clients trying to get the most value out of their ERP, CRM, call center, and supply chain management systems quickly and cost effectively. The offerings and capabilities:

  • Data / Information Access, Extraction, Transformation, and Integration Services

    Central to any data warehouse and business intelligence solution is the requirement to use data that resides in corporate ERP, CRM, call centre, supply chain management, and other systems. Adametric's extensive technical and business experience implementing ETL tools and integration solutions enables us to provide directional insight, development, implementation, and application maintenance skills according to specific client business requirements.

  • Data Warehousing

    The creation of a robust BI solution is our speciality. Our team is expert in data modeling and data warehouse design, and they optimize the system environment for superior performance and reliability.

  • Business Intelligence Applications / Data Marts / OLAP-Based Solutions

    Any data warehouse and/or ODS is complemented by a supporting data mart(s). These data marts store topical data and ultimately provide the detail for the balanced scorecards, KPIs, and reports required by all of the unique corporate stakeholders.

    Adametric has extensive experience designing and building stakeholder-facing business intelligence solutions using many of the most powerful and popular OLAP-based products and reporting applications, like Cognos, Business Objects, MS SQL Server with OLAP/Analysis Services, Crystal Decisions, Actuate etc.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We can assist with identifying and gathering intelligence from fragmented business divisions, creating new insights to customer activity and building a stronger foundation on which solid business decisions can be made. You will be able to determine who your profitable customers are and understand capacity utilization. You will identify new markets, retain loyal customers, and improve profitability.

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation is rewriting new business rules and is now a strategic issue and not just about technology platforms or business processes.

    Adametric’s Digital Innovation Strategies uses digital technologies to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises. Our service focuses on technology-enabled initiatives to change how the enterprise operates – its customer engagements, internal operations, and even business models.

    The facets of our Digital Transformation Framework include the following:

    Digital Strategy: Lay out of a roadmap, through assessment and study:

    Digital Readiness Assessment

    Assessment of Customer Experience

    Social, Cloud and Mobile Strategy Definition

    Enterprise integration roadmap

    Big Data. We help you assimilate and analyze the rapid expansion of big data in multiple places and develop a valuable composite picture of your business and customer amidst.

    Social Media. We integrate your business with social media for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer engagement, building loyalty and sharing or “crowd sourcing” solutions among partners and customers in the ecosystem.

    Mobility. We help you increase productivity, help in re-thinking business processes, be the face of customer engagement, target consumers near the point of sale.

    Cloud Computing. Our integrated cloud services offers new scalability and economy and creates shadow more optimized use of operational resources and IT