Discrete Manufacturing

Adametric’s XcERPt ERP (enterprise resource planning) software provides a fully integrated solution with a comprehensive set of tools to help discrete manufacturers to plan, execute and control production. XcERPt functionality assists discrete manufacturers to address the challenges of high and low variance and volume environments, and achieve high levels of efficiency and profitability in the fabrication and assembly of components and finished products.

XcERPt provides solutions to the key challenges faced by the discrete manufacturing environment, such as:

  • Balancing inventory investment with customer service levels
  • Controlling product design changes for Batch Manufacturers
  • Identifying and responding to seasonal demand patterns
  • Managing component requirements
  • Monitoring the quality of raw materials during production
  • Reducing forecast error
  • Reducing lead times
  • Synchronizing supply with customer demand

XcERPt ERP for Discrete Manufacturing has been specifically designed to serve both private- and public-sector organisations addressing their unique business needs – quickly and cost-effectively.

We specifically serve the following segments with unique business modelling:


Addressing the needs of the automotive industry we support its growth initiatives and address the manufacturers’ need of increased production and the challenges for producing affordable and high-quality products along with attaining customer satisfaction. XcERPt focuses on:

  • Measurement of operational performance
  • Supporting delivery to meet industry standards
  • Lean manufacturing Support
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Risk Management

Electronics and Hi-tech

For manufacturers in the electronics and high tech industryXcERPt addresses your challenges of innovation and change management. We help you to overcome the pressure on margins, fluidity to global supply chains, challenges with shipments, material availability and controlling cos along with standards and industry regulations.XcERPt focuses on:

  • Digital technology adoption
  • Optimization of design to delivery cycles for new offerings
  • Enable product variations
  • Life-cycle support of products and obsolescence management
  • Management of supply chain

Publishing & Media

We are a fast growing technology leader providing end-to-end services to the publishing industry. Our offerings include a comprehensive range of Design, Layout and e-publishing services like data conversion, XML solutions, graphics production and project management.

We leverage our strengths in technology, production, and process management to provide the best-of- breed solutions and services to the media and publishing industry.

Adametric’s unique “XML-First” publishing workflow allows publishers to move from a print centric workflow to a content centric workflow. This enables the publisher to publish faster and cost-effectively in many more creative ways.

Our satisfied clientele include publishers, information aggregators, professional societies, government agencies, universities, libraries and major corporations. Our services are designed specifically to address business concerns of Journals, Book, Newspaper and Magazine publishers, Media Agencies, Content Aggregators, Libraries, Educational Institutions covering subjects on Scientific, Technical, Medical, Arts, Humanities.

Our comprehensive range of services and solutions cover:

1. Graphics & Design

2. Advert & Page creation

3. Image Processing

4. Digitization & Archiving

5. Digital Media

1. Graphics & Design

Our team of illustrators, animators and programmers can help you with all your graphics, design, animation and imaging needs. Our creative instincts, breadth of graphic design capabilities, depth of expertise, and significant resources allow clients unmatched graphic design services.

Adametric is a creative graphic designing company delivering sophisticated corporate identity solutions, custom logo design, corporate brochure, catalogues, flyers, press kit design, Books and magazine design, presentation covers and folder, customized print templates design for your business needs.

2. Advert & Page creation

Advert creation for newspaper and magazines is our one of our prime services that Adametric has been providing to our clients across the globe. We work in client’s time zone & calendar to provide “real time” support and increase the productivity while retaining quality.

We produce Creative and Template Based Ads for Newspapers and Magazines with global trends which are published on various subjects and for almost all industry verticals. Ads created are based on the briefing given by the client and its can be combination of creative and template base ad with various dimensions.

3. Image Processing

Image Processing is an extremely complex process and customers need customized editing services Adametric’s Image Editing Team provides with a broad classification while we still treat every image as a new entity awaiting its own personal renewal. The broad categories include:

  • Image Restoration
  • Image Enhancement
  • Background Removal
  • Colorization
  • Image Manipulation
  • Image Touch-up

4. Digitization & Archiving

Unlock the value of your print or electronic archive material. Convert your archive content to a digital format that will ensure your archives are searchable, easily accessible, stable and secure – irrespective of how technology advances – and profitable.

Our conversion services menu includes

  • High-volume DTD-to-DTD conversion
  • XML conversion from any inputs
    • Any input (Word files, application files, PDFs, hardcopy, XML/SGML etc.) to any desired output (XML, .mobi, .prc, .azw, .dnl, .lrf, and a lot more)
  • E-Pub conversions: Vanilla/Flat ePub, Fixed Layout ePub, Enriched epub and ePub3

5. Digital Media Solutions

Today, new technology enables consumers to access content through a range of platforms, such as digital TV, broadband (IPTV), mobile devices iPad at any time and place. The convergence of internet with devices with modes of communication like voice, data, video and IP telephony is creating new opportunities for businesses as well as competitive. Companies must create, store, share and access digital content quickly, efficiently and securely over multiple devices in order to be compete in the market. Adametric offers an end-to-end suite of digital media solutions to customers

Pharma & Life Sciences

Adametric‘s Pharma and Life Sciences services cover Discovery, Launch and Development. We help your business grow.

We help you to expand your business portfolio and make winning decisions across the research cycle by providing reliable and contextual information that is critical to your success. We deliver tailored scientific intelligence, competitive intelligence, expert analysts, regulatory guidance, API intelligence based on your specific business needs.

Renewable Energy

Adametric’s Renewable Energy practice addresses for informed decision-making of the highly complex, competitive and unpredictable of market eco-system. Our services addresses a wide spectrum of needs – market sizing, future technology and trends, projects outlining, partner identification and identifying cost effective technologies. Our team delivers effective actionable insights that prepare the industry players for the right decision making and plan for the future.

Our Research and Discovery on Renewable Energy looks at the requirements of Wind, Solar, Bio-mass and Geo-thermal.

Our team of experts and engineers conduct extensive market & techno-commercial studies that uncover opportunities and identify risks. We also engage thought leaders from our industry network; use our curated discovery and knowledge to design business framework that help our client to address critical business challenges.


Corporations are continuously challenged to file their financial documents as per the ongoing directives by the The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and that too in an accelerated time frame. SEC requires that all Issuers must post their XBRL files on their corporate website if they have one. It must be posted within 24 hours of filing with SEC.

Apart from Website link, it is now mandatory to make your XBRL files accessible to files outside EDGAR as well. Large enterprises are facing complex issues of technology, resources & knowledge in filing regulatory compliant reports to the relevant agencies. Adametric offers comprehensive, technology-based services for regulatory compliance reporting of global enterprises. Our solutions foster collaborative work principles, structured process based delivery of proofs and compliance documents

  • Corporate
  • Edcar
  • Financial Publishing
  • Financial Tagging
  • SEC Filing
  • Section 16 Filing
  • 10K, 10Q, 20F Filing
  • EDCAR Conversion
  • HBRL Tagging
  • SEC Compliance
  • Reverse EDGAR
  • Typesetting & Editing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Layout & Composition
  • Electronic Deliverables