Are you looking for business performance right now? Performance with long-term value and sustenance. Are you currently struggling to achieve your revenue target with your existing sales and marketing teams?

Are you looking at positioning and performing in existing or new markets effectively and at lower cost?

Welcome to Adametric S&M 360 0 -transform, grow and consolidate your business.

A business and sales lifecycle management solution that helps B2B companies transform their sales and marketing processes for improved ROI.Our team of experts design and align solutions with your business to deliver highperformance through cost-effective and profitable partnerships.

Market Insight And Intelligence

Winning against completion, market dynamics and staying ahead in business is the vital part of the strategy to survive, consolidate and thrive in business. To do so, it is imperative to fully understand your market. Adametric's knowledge, expertise and team skills enable you to understand the market you operate in and build your business advantage.

Unlike various data and sources available in the market that tend to be too generic in nature, our custom designed primary and secondary research into the specifics of your market supports your growth and critical decision making.

1. Market Entry Insight

Every organization is often challenged with the proposition to enter and build presence in a new market. And on top of that are the hurdles of investment, technological, political and cultural fit. We believe the decision to enter a new market, if supported with the right insight and data results in a win-win situation for the organization.

We create bespoke market entry solutions in line with your business and the target market. If you are entering into a B2B market whether high tech, competitive or niche we create unique solutions to make this predictable, simple and measurable. Our market entry research comes with an achievable action plan.

  • Market Size
  • Value Analysis
  • Market Needs
  • Assess Pricing
  • Assess Market
  • Sales Support

Assess market size for response of the segment to your products and services

Create market map: plotting the dynamics of offerings & market, channel &direct sales

Create successful market entry plans – bespoke localization and globalization

Conduct competitive and statistical price studies that help business to succeed

Select target planned meetings to assess opportunity with partners & customers

Carry out prospecting efforts to develop channel & 'sales ready' leads for a quick start

2. Channel Insight

The growth and sustenance of your business depends a lot on how you optimize your channel and distribution chain. Incorrect channel strategy or ineffective distribution could build inefficiency and lead to business loss and failure to penetrate a market.

While you focus on your core strength of developing and improving your products and services, Adametric can support you with Distribution and Channel intelligence to build long-term sustainable growth.


We combine market leading research, industry best practices and business knowledge to create solutions that actually work. As your partner, we provide data, plan and tactics on improving your channel strategy and building your indirect and direct business.

3. Competition Insight

Although competition information is available everywhere, but intelligent insight that is valuable to you is difficult to find. Acquiring this requires a lot of structured research and fact finding.

From strategic overview of your business's competitive environment through to specific competitor profile, Adametric's tailored Competitive Intelligence Insight is designed to meet your unique needs.

We search through competitor website and press analysis, pricing, interviews and reviews, industry, public and government records and data collected by business teams at ground level.

Our Insight includes:
  • - Company profile and financial data
  • - Supplier performance analysis
  • - Expansion records and investment plans
  • - Products, services and pricing
  • - Strategic perspectives
  • - Marketing and sales activities
  • - Press Analysis
  • - Company website analysis

Based on our extensive experience across markets and sectors, our Competitive Business Intelligence can:

  • Give competitive edge in your marketplace
  • Empower you to address industry challenges faster
  • Help you achieve your business goal and revenue targets
  • Provide the right information for market entry and positioning strategies
4. Market Segmentation

Success of your business is greatly dependent on how well you can conduct need assessment across segments and customer types. The fundamental objective would be to decipher which offerings have to be positioned and addressed at whom. There is a definite need to use segmentation in B2B markets to build competitive advantage with a clear strategy to achieve factors of differentiation.

Challenges faced in B2B market segmentation could be numerous:

  • - Decision making is very complex in B2B markets
  • - Buyers have a rational approach rather than behavior based
  • - Personal relationships matter in decision making

Instead of the usual 'demographic' segmentation in B2B markets,Adametric believes a sustainable competitive advantage can only be built through a market segmentation that is based on buying pattern and need profiling. This would entail discovering what companies buy, how they decide and what drives companies to actions.


Adametric's market segmentation solution helps you to

  • create the right marketing strategy and help build competitive advantage
  • align your products and services in line with the correct market and buyer segments
  • build focus on your customers to provide solutions that matter
  • strategize on effective sales and marketing initiatives for customer acquisition

Database And Target Universe

Your business, particularly your sales and marketing outreach programs are dependent on the quality of your data. Data that is available off the shelf from list vendors because they can be stale, outdated, redundant or simply not in sync with your business perspectives.

Welcome to DataMetric 360 0 from Adametric, the ultimate prospect knowledge.

DataMetric 3600– the bespoke tailor-made data creation solution is not just about demographics and contemporary contact details. We provide more insightful and intelligent information on staff movement, technical knowledge and financial; to empower and arm you to generate more leads.

Our Target Universe Creation is fundamental to your Sales and Marketing planning and its effective execution; to get faster results. This involves contact discovery to identify the right decision makers and other stakeholder's on the buying cycle. You get more connects with the right party contacts. Our solution focuses on functions and roles of the contact rather than the conventional title based discovery.

Our specialized services on Prospect Profiling give our customers intelligent inputs on the target company; details about structure and operations, key persons and processes, "System-Process-People Mapping", current vendors and partners and their strategies and plans.


  • Our holistic and intelligent profiling not only helps our customers to create solutions and services but even assist in due-diligence for M&A, Partnerships and Collaborations.

Lead & Demand Generation

Adametric helps organizations to gain access to their focus accounts and build business consistently with demonstrable benefits. We provide all the necessary solutions and services to create demand, build the pipeline of prospects, nurture leads and have sales ready leads along with prospect profiling.

1. B2B Lead Generation

Your sales teams strive incessantly to generate leads from multiple sources which could be unqualified and not validated. Our S&M Solutions Team creates leads for you which are qualified opportunities that finally lead to orders. Our pipeline building and prospect interaction services createon-demand prospect meetings which are qualified and confirmed at a price which is performance based.

As part of the lead generation process we help our customers to capture opportunities effectively. Not just driving opportunities to website or to an advertisement but enhance and increase the acquisition of new customers.

  • We help you to align your business goals and business ecosystem creating a prospect pipeline generation engine that consistently delivers high quality, validated leads with prospect insight to close deals faster.
  • Our industry sales experts and team of experienced professionals integrates seamlessly with your products, services and process to optimize lead generation.
  • We work with B2B enterprises of varied industry type and sizes to drive customer acquisition campaigns with the right sales pitch cost-effectively delivering "sales ready" leads for faster sales closures and enabling cross-selling and up-selling in key accounts.
2. Lead Nurturing

A prospect may not be inclined to buy right now, but an effective ‘Demand Nurturing” and ‘Demand Generation” keeps the prospect warm and responsive to you for a future deal. We help to understand where your prospect is in the sales cycle and to keep him engaged with the right targeted messages and communication.

This is a process of continuous targeted communication, tailor made for specific functions, segments and buyer profile, to educate, motivate, interest and prepare buyers to become receptive towards your services, solutions, products and brand.

  • We focus on analyzing buyer’s specific needs to align with their decision process and nurture buying interest. After threadbare analysis on buyer behavior, we create structured and focused campaigns that are intelligent, personalized and driven by content related to the buying psychology.
3. Delegate Sales

Consolidating participation and delegate sales are critical the existence and success of any company in the Publishing, Events, Exhibitions & Conferences space. Adametric has significant experience, skills and specialization in the business of audience generation and event delegate registration. We offer the entire range of services from free participation, paid participation to exclusive invitations to companies that host and convene business and trade events across the world.

  • Our specialized services for delegate sales is founded on years of experience, exposure and team knowledge and solutions are tailor made to address specific industry types and sizes or works specs.
  • Every solution that we create is specifically tailor-made and allows for scaling up or down with faster turnaround.
  • Our deliverables and measureable and validated based on planned commitment and demonstrability.
4. Subscription Sales

This is another specialized set of service from Adametric that helps publishers of journals, magazines and STM and business information product creators to increase subscription sales and controlled subscription. We provide solution that covers the entire cycle of profile and universe creation, data development, sales outreach and generate subscription sales.

  • Data Universe Creation
  • Sales Outreach Campaign
  • Finalization & Handover
  • Universe Assessment
  • Data Creation
  • Contact Creation
  • Develop Collaterals
  • Reach out to target
  • Foolow up, Nurture & Close
  • Offer subscription options
  • Confirm price Acceptance
  • List of final subscribers
  • Bespoke specialized solutions that are very business specific, unique and not available anywhere
  • Professional and cost-effective approaches that leverage our experience and skills in lead generation, and industry expertise to help you reach your subscription goals faster.

Multi-Channel Marketing

With intense competitionin the market and increased pressure of growth, B2B companies are struggling to deliver measurable results and demonstrate the value theyprovide. To succeed, companies need to consistentlyreach the right people through the right channels with the right message. The objective is to convert targets to sales leads, develop prospect pipeline and revenue with predictability.

Adametric's "Multi Channel Marketing" comprises of a specialized set of services for planning, executing and measuring multi-channel campaigns to drive the sales cycle, monitor and measure buying signals and behaviour to deliver a perfect demand generation outcome.


We help you to:

  • optimize marketing spend
  • target and reach the right prospects in the right way
  • score leads using implicit behavioural data to drive sales
  • nurture leads to cultivate buyer interest over time
  • measure and report results in a credible fashion
  • increase sales velocity
  • define, automate and scale marketing processes
  • align marketing with sales

CMO On Demand

Adametric offers "Chief Marketing Officer on Demand" for start-up and growing organisations to support revenue and profit growth, client acquisition and retention through innovative marketing programs without the cost of a full time senior professional.

We offer Strategic and tactical marketing services and innovative marketing programs on a need basis.:

  • Marketing strategy and Lead Generation
  • Channel marketing
  • Branding and Market analysis
  • Event and tradeshow management
  • Digital and Direct marketing
  • PR & Analyst relations
  • Key Account Development
  • Quick cost effective start to all marketing and Sales activities
  • All marketing strategies and execution with no