Vegayan SiMPLuS

Next generation networks offer huge potential, but they bring a host of new challenges to the people tasked with managing them. Networks must be carefully designed and monitored to ensure that voice, data and video traffic bandwidth and latency requirements are met.

It is imperative to manage the dynamic conditions of the multi-layered network, virtual circuits and the interactions between them on in order to deliver reliable service. On top of all that, it is essential to determine the optimal configuration to balance availability, performance and cost requirements.

Introducing Vegayan SiMPLuS- the most advanced product for managing next generation networks.

  • Automated root cause analysis between conditions in Next generation services (such as Carrier Ethernet and L2/L3 VPNs), conditions in the MPLS topology and conditions in the underlying IP packet network.
  • Deep analysis of routing data from OSPF, IS-IS and RIP. This enables instant detection and isolation of network faults, topology changes, and performance issues.
  • Patented algorithms to design MPLS paths for optimal availability, performance and cost.

Vegayan's SiMPLuS® product suite enables service providers to efficiently and effectively manage their IP/MPLS network. SiMPLuS simplifies deployment, operation, management, engineering and planning of large,complex IP/MPLS networks. Its scalability brings effective control, optimization and improved performance to the network.

The SiMPLuS suite consists of two software products:

  • SiMPLuS Operations (OP & TE) enables efficient and effective operation, management and intelligent provisioning of IP/MPLS networks.
  • SiMPLuS Planning (CP & FA) simulates and analyzes network performance under various failure scenarios and plans for capacity enhancements.

SiMPLuS Operations

SiMPLuS Operations :For real-time operational capabilities

  • Centralized element Management
  • Proactive network Management
  • Root-cause analysis- troubleshooting
  • Service Continuity Management
  • QoS delivery & Service Assurance
  • Reduced Investment & Cost

Provides a centralized platform for control, quality and security for element management

Real-time network & trap-handling to deliver seamless QoS performance

Speeds root cause determination and service restoration from network faults

Provides real-time visibility & intelligent decision-making to tackle event failure

Best-in-class algorithms for intelligent path selection to meet QoS requirements

Unique online al traffic engineering capabilities that enable effective load-balancing

SiMPLuS Planning

SiMPLuS Planning: For effective planning and analysis

  • Failure Resiliency Analysis
  • Service Expansion Analysis
  • Service Growth Analysis
  • Network Capacity Optimization

Provides network-wide automated analysis to identify failure scenarios and remedial actions

Simulates effects of new services and service expansions with cost estimations

Solution to estimate future traffic demand & to enable efficient capacity planning

Selects specific paths for rerouting & recommends efficient routes to re-optimize the network

SiMPLuS Benefits

Unlike other solutions that glue a few Next generation capabilities onto platforms built for older networks, SiMPLuS was built from the ground up to focus on the requirements, complexity and control of Next generation networks

  • Collects in-depth data about every aspect of the Next generation network
  • Supports all major Next generation device vendors, including Cisco, Juniper and Huawei
  • Analyzes the specialized interaction of Next generation components to isolate fault and performance issues
  • Displays information in the most useful way for Next generation managers
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize network resiliency and cost