An Independent Software Vendor (ISV)always needs to stay ahead of intense competition, starting from product development to licensing and distribution to customer support. ISVs need to limit budgets to survive in this challenging economy. Sometimes with limited resources one must find a way to balance the need for product development with the ongoing Customer demand for engineering support.

The challenges and opportunities that organizations face are multidimensional:

  • Varied potential customer base requiring product availability on multiple platforms
  • High level of defect backlog impacting customer satisfaction
  • Continued new releases of database, application server, browser etc.
  • Adaptation to newer technologies in the market place

Adametric's solutions for ISVs include analysing system requirements, developing requirements, creating the architecture, designing the software, implementing the code, integrating the components, and testing the software to verify that it satisfies the specified requirements.

Product Concept & Design

Adametric’s product engineering team works with you to develop product specifications from your exact needs, including but not limited to functional requirements, new features& product roll-out. This specification becomes a road map to your final product; ensuring your final product meets your exact requirements.

We work with you to understand your product and process. We use this knowledge to brainstorm product features, current needs, future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost. We build products that incorporate all phases of well-designed, manageable software solutions including product definition, planning, design, coding, release management, quality assurance testing, training, deployment and support.

Our Product Development Services

  • New Product Strategy

    Drive innovation, validate new product ideas, verify and prototype their potential with customers and investors.

  • Product Design & Development

    By combining your products ideas with our delivery capabilities, you can quickly reap time-to-value, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase your market share and revenue.

  • Release Engineering

    Adametric can setup a dual-shore release engineering team that can fully automate your build process, efficiently manages your source code tree, and handle daily and weekly builds.

  • Product Maintenance & Customer Support

    Continuing support and maintenance for new, expanding, and retiring product lines help our clients to retain their customers.

  • Product Enhancements

    Increasing the life of a product by adding features to keep it relevant to changing market needs, especially important when customizing the product for large installs/accounts. The team at Adametric is committed to providing highest quality and maximum benefits to our clients through our intuitive design and innovative products. Our team is highly organized and experienced. The team consists of expert designers, developers, and project managers along with quality analyst.

  • Outsourced Product Lab

    Integrated extended team that creates a near ownership experience and increase level of predictability of output through process maturity. Reduce total cost of ownership with an optimized global delivery model, scale tested competencies, advanced methods, and automation.


  • Innovation

    - Adametric combines business insight with technology potential which results in innovations add significant value to the engagement.
  • Issues Mitigation

    - We remove technology issues that eventually become bottlenecks for a growing product with Streamlined R&D budgets & Focus on Innovation.
  • Delivery & Support

    - The best benefits & features are delivered to end customers and with continuous support that includes hassle free feature enhancements & code changes.
  • Time To Market

    - Adametric has Core Expertise in Software Product life cycle management with a seamless dual shore team integration; solution hastens the product's time to market, leading to business profitability.
  • Comprehensive Skills

    - Adametric provides comprehensive Product Life Cycle Management to cover all your software product development & support needs.
  • Outsourced Product Lab

    - Integrated extended team that creates a near ownership experience and increase level of predictability of output through process maturity.

Sustenance Engineering

Software Companies continually face challenges arising out of demand for new features, contemporary technology, minimising upgrade problems and cost optimization.

Efficient software sustenance requires consistent innovation and faster upgrade releases to address the unfilled customer needs. The sustenance phase often becomes the critical cost factor and sometimes even exceeds the development cost if not thoroughly observed and worked upon. You need a right partner who can bring true business impact by maximizing ROI and long term success of your existing product.

Adametric with its expertise in product sustenance services help our clients to improve performance, functionality and user experience of their existing products. Our team of experts smoothly takes over the product knowledge and designs an excellent sustenance plan that fits your specific product and business objective. The plan emphasizes on/focuses on managing technology change, migration and protocols to keep the system up and running.

Adametric addresses Software Companies product sustenance pressures through faster software release, bug minimization and multi-level customer support. The key features of Sustenance Engineering initiatives addressed by us are:

  • Boosting product market shares through processes like product rejuvenation & optimizing on costs
  • A structured model based on defined processes for sustenance catering to end-customer SLAs

  • Usability Engineering
  • Release Management
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Patch Engineering
  • Service Packs

Adametric’s Usability Engineering guarantees the required level of security and efficiency for software products. Our Usability Engineering begins before the start of the development cycle by first analyzing the usability context of a product or software program. The following are ensured:

  • Usability engineers observe users' needs and concerns and the results of usability tests are then incorporated in the design.
  • Usability Consultants / Information Architects lend direction to applications, portals, websites, etc. from the usability perspective.
  • User Interface Developers are skilled in user interface (UI) technologies like HTML / DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Flash Action Scripting, Flex etc. They develop accessibility compliant front-end code based on W3C and ADA standards and best practices.
  • Usability and User Interface Testers conduct accessibility testing, UI bug testing and remote usability testing based on checklists and test scripts.

Adametric can setup a dual-shore release engineering team that can fully automate your build process, efficiently manages your source code tree, and handle daily and weekly builds. This will have the following business benefits

We deploy our analyst teams to work closely with the customer and understand the market demands. This is then turned over to our product engineering group who incorporate new feature upgrades.

This involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches (code changes) and includes maintaining current knowledge of available patches, ensuring that patches are installed properly, testing systems after installation, and documenting all associated procedures, such as specific configurations.

Compact service packs with details on product updates and its impact on security; program compatibility, reliability is compiled and provided to the customer.

Client Benefits

  • Product support for identification as well as rectification of defects
  • Product Maintenance for managing the code, making changes in the code, early releases and patch tracking
  • Product Re-engineering capabilities
  • Structured Tool Selection methodology
  • Platform Modernization
  • Providing assistance during migration for new releases

Product Testing & Validation

The importance of software testing and software quality assurance and its impact on software products cannot be underestimated. Software testing is a fundamental component of software quality assurance and represents a review of specification, design and coding.

Adametric’s Testing &QAsolutions enables its customer with cost savings using its outsourced testing services with processes, rich experience, and skilled resources. Our Testing and QA involves the entire software development process - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed and anomalies addressed.

We offer the following as part of our Testing & solutions:

  • Management of functional, system, regression and usability test
  • Management of certification and performance (load and stress) tests
  • Test automation and test suite
  • Release management, Build management using industry standard tools and procedures
  • Statistical analysis of test results and reports
  • Dedicated test lab support

Product Migrating & Porting

The approach of many software product companies to foster development on a common technology platform and using a technology stack locks out other customers, who are using diverse platforms. As the features and functions stabilize, it also becomes vital to enhance compatibility of successful products across different platforms and multiple languages/locales to broaden their marketing reach.

Adametric's software migration and porting services analyses the relevant details about the product, current platform/stack and current language/locale and map those to the target environment. Our Product migration services follow a structured and defined process to render a transition to the new environment, minimizing risks to the business and making the product more global.

Our Migration and Porting Services include:

  • Assessment & Strategy services to determine the best product architecture/environment
  • Pre .NET -to-.NET migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Application Server migration (e.g. JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, etc)
  • Database porting (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.)
  • Web-enabling legacy applications
  • Programming Language migration
  • Platform Interoperability (Mobile)

Adametric's approach to porting and migration does not focus solely on converting your application to run in a new environment. Through extensive experience we have developed techniques and tools that also ensure the reliability and integrity of your application are maintained through the migration process. We also take into consideration the constant changes in technology by adopting a strategy designed to increase the portability of your application to future platforms and toolkits.

Client Benefits

  • Increase customer acquisition by offering product in their platform of choice.
  • Reduce high costs of maintaining in-house staff to perform redundant functions.
  • Re-allocate your resources and still provide the company's customers with variety of software solutions that suit their individual needs.
  • Reduce the barriers to customer acquisition by moving your company's application to all relevant platforms and environments while you use your resources elsewhere.
  • Staying up to date with technology trends.
  • Improved usability and maintenance of product.
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Improved flexibility of product.

Value Engineering

Increased global competition continues to affect profitability of companies and there is a continual need to sustain profitability and competitiveness by introducing new products, capabilities and features at lower costs. Value Engineering helps achieve optimum value by balancing the performance and cost of a product.

Value = Function/Cost

Adametric Value Engineering (AVE), a systematic and structured approach, improves projects, products, and processes. AVE is used to analyze products and processes, design and development projects. Value Engineering helps achieve balance between required functions, performance, quality, safety, and scope with the cost and other resources necessary to accomplish those requirements. The proper balance results in the maximum value for the product.

Adametric offers value engineering services help realize maximize product value by enhancing product functionality, capabilities and quality while optimizing cost. Our value consultants use value engineering techniques to ensure better performance, aesthetic representation, and cost reduction of existing products. Our capabilities include:

  • Product Localization
  • SaaS Enablement
  • Architecture Enhancement
  • SoA Enablement

At Adametric, we provide customized localization solutions for a wide range of software platforms. A software application consists not only of the user interface, but also of other components such as online help systems and printed or electronic documentation, and these need to be translated consistently with the actual software product.

SaaS enablement models offer software organizations significant benefits in terms of reducing software delivery costs, improving customer satisfaction and ease of upgrades. However, there are challenges to overcome mainly from the architecture, licensing and security viewpoint.

Adametric has been one of pioneers in SaaS application development and leveraging SaaS platforms, with a deep understanding of the security, multi-tenancy, and manageability issues that differentiate SaaS software from on-premise software.

Our SaaS computing service offerings cover the entire lifecycle including business and technical:

SaaS Design & Creation

We can help you develop a SaaS product and platform from scratch or leverage an existing platform like Microsoft Azure or Google App Engine.

SaaS Lifecycle Services

We can help you sustain and build upon investments you have already made in SaaS development with our maintenance and support, enhancement and integration services.

SaaS Transition Services

We can help you cost effectively and reliably transition on-premise software to SaaS model with our SaaS transition experts. We address all aspects of SaaS transitioning from multi-tenancy and web enablement, data base and software re-engineering.

Adametric provides a complete architecture re-engineering service, which includes the following:

  • Reverse-engineering – when requirements are out of date or missing.
  • Reviewing existing SDLC practices and processes for maintaining the current system & implementing improvements.
  • Leverage new technologies.
  • Connector development for integration with other software systems.
  • Software architecture re-engineering or code refactoring to improve performance.

SOA is the key to making both your IT architecture and business agile to change. SOA helps you build an IT set-up that is 'designed to adapt' and 'designed to scale' to the changing business and technology trends and needs. SOA makes your enterprise system architecture componentized, based on services that are loosely coupled and that integrate across technologies through interfaces.

Adametric provides SOA based services that include:

  • SOA system integration services
  • Legacy modernization and migration services
  • SOA enablement services

For over a decade Adametric has been developing its best of breed enterprise applications on n-Tier SOA platform. By creating a service-oriented architecture, you are equipped to incorporate real-time business capabilities into your operations.


Increase revenue and profit potential

World-ready software is accessible to more users around the world and as a result, a world-ready application can be sold in more places thus potentially increasing your revenue and profits.

Reduce international development costs

Incorporating international users' needs into your original designs reduces need for fixing design issues to enable globalization or localization or create multiple localized source codes for your product.

Get more miles out of your code

Adametric provides a localized single code base which is much easier and less error-prone to update. As a result, code quality improves. This allows for greater code reuse and can serve as the foundation for the next version of the product.

Cheaper and easier to localize

With our world-ready product localization, all the files you need to hand off to your team or vendor are separated from the code meaning less opportunity to introduce functionality errors in the code.

Easier to customize to meet customer preferences

We turn your product to a new level of user experience and excitement through market customization. This makes your product t appears to the customer as if it was designed for their specific market.

Lower support costs

A product based on a single code base can simplify software distribution and deployment, plus it can lead to shipping a single service pack that can be installed on any language version of the application.

Increase customer satisfaction

Early planning during the design phases of your globalization and localization reduces localization-related delays and help you reach international customers sooner.

Move ahead of the competition

Your Company and product becomes more agile in seizing emerging opportunities. Furthermore, by using the savings realized from efficient development and reduced localization and testing costs, you can gain even greater advantage over your competition by expanding footprint of your product.

Immediate access to the latest innovations

With traditional licensed software, you typically have to wait for the next release to add features from the latest innovations or technologies. With a SaaS enablement you benefit from innovations on an on-going basis. As soon as a new or improved feature appears in the application, you can begin incorporating it.

Compact service packs with details on product updates and its impact on security; program compatibility, reliability is compiled and provided to the customer.

Client Benefits

  • Product support for identification as well as rectification of defects
  • Product Maintenance for managing the code, making changes in the code, early releases and patch tracking
  • Product Re-engineering capabilities
  • Structured Tool Selection methodology
  • Platform Modernization
  • Providing assistance during migration for new releases