Application Outsourcing
Adametric has really become an extension of our own IT department, and, as a result, we give more than 70% of our outsourcing work to them. By working with Adametric, we can move into new business areas without diverting the attention of our top developers, reducing our financial risk on such advanced technology initiatives by nearly 50 percent.
CTO, Retail Enterprise, USA
Product Engineering
Because Adametric is such a big contributor to the development, enhancement and maintenance of our software platform– the vehicle of delivery for all of our products – we credit them for helping us to maximize our product revenue.
VP – Product Management, Software Product Co., USA
Cloud Services
We chose Adametric as our development partner for several reasons: technical expertise, domain knowledge, relevant experience and delivery capability.They have not disappointed.
Chief Architect, Technology Solution Co., USA
Testing and Validation
We’ve invested heavily on testing services from Adametric, and it has been well worth it. With Adametric; there is no ‘us and them‘. Their onsite, offsite and offshore consultants work seamlessly with our in-house team to greatly improve our functionality and efficiency.
VP-Technology, Software Product Co., Germany
Mobile Solutions
Our relationship with Adametric ensures us access to a large and diverse pool of skills that leverages the capabilities of our own IT staff. In this way, we are able to enhance our leadership position by using technology to better serve our customers and grow our business.
VP - Digital Media, Media Distribution Co., UK