xPERT- For Effective Workforce

In today's dynamic and highly competitive environment, businesses have high expectations towards premium customer service. Today's customers expect consistent, professional service and support with every interaction - through any channel, from anywhere in the world. The quality of a company's customer service is often a competitive differentiator and critical to success. The driver to the success of a business is shifting from e-Business to s-Business (Service Business).

ADAMETRIC'S xPERT is an integrated web based service management software suite that enables your organization to tailor your service offerings to the needs of your end customers. You can maximize customer service profitability by managing service processes and workflows cost-effectively.

ADAMETRIC'S xPERT is aimed to function as the Nerve Center of any large Service Organization with multi-locational support.

xPERT is designed specifically for companies with medium to large field service organizations in both business-to-business and business-to consumer environments. ADAMETRIC'S xPERT is designed to cater to multi channels of service delivery: be it Service centers, Field Service, Professional Service and Self Service.

xPERT focuses on delivering high business values and benefits to organizations:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Well informed customer
  • Increased technician's productivity
  • Multi channel online interaction
  • Minimized delivery delays
  • Increased cross selling and up selling opportunity
  • Service function as a profit center
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction.
  • Greater cost control
  • Higher annual financial savings

Xpert Modules

Call Centre

ADAMETRIC'S XpertCall Center module provides a platform where in the customer interactions are received, managed, synchronized, and coordinated across multiple channels like Telephone Calls, Faxes, Emails, Walk-in and Self Service. It enables you to provide 24x7 operations for customer interaction.

Work Order

When a customer's issues cannot be resolved through the call center, creation of a service work order allows you to track progress to completion for precise status updates with customers. The technicians have ready access via the Internet to the same knowledge base that your customer service representatives use for faster problem diagnosis, as well as "tried-and-true" repair recommendations.


Scheduler allows loading a job by the Call center agent and scheduling the job as per the defined rules of s-Business. It will take into consideration the warranty status of the customer, service level agreements, technician's availability and skill levels of the job.

The scheduler then creates a job list for every technician and also plans out the route plans. Based on the schedule customer can be informed on a delivery time right at the Call center stage itself.


Xpert integrates with the ERP system to seek the availability of any spares required. Allows parts requisition, parts issues, track service inventory, optimize stocking of spare parts and allows field service technicians to maintain their trunk inventory. Every spare is also linked to the cost of the part and

Job Executer

Xpert allows a simple yet an exhaustive technician view for executing the problems. It will record online timings from start to finish of the job. It will interface to a common repository of customer history, equipment history, previous diagnoses and resolutions. The technicians also have a set of tools available to them for online help from a company's knowledge bank of product information, the service level agreements etc.

Contract And Warranty

Effective product warranty tracking can provide a significant productivity gain for service businesses. Defective parts covered by a manufacturer's warranty can be returned from the field for credit or no-charge repair. Service providers can save large amounts by closely tracking warranty and assuring maximum credit for parts. Contract management spans the entire contract life cycle, from opportunity identification, pricing, and proposal generation to service delivery execution on contractual commitments and contract additions to cancellations and renewals.

Service Level Agreements

Xpert enables the creation of complex service offerings, such as rentals, usage, shared-risk agreements and Professional Services to drive additional revenue growth and market share. Automated entitlement administration from quote-to-contract also helps reduce data entry errors associated with complex customer entitlements.

Proactive Service

Xpert handles Asset Management for organizations to seamlessly track and manage assets across their customers' installed bases as well as their own internal service inventories. Many service businesses incur unnecessary costs to repair, replace, or fix products that still have valid manufacturer warranties because they cannot track multitiered warranty coverage. ADAMETRIC'S Xpert also handles Preventive Maintenance, which manages and automates complex proactive services helping organizations deliver incremental value to their customers.


Xpert tracks the entire episode of a customer call and generates the service invoice by including the Service Level Agreements, parts used and professional services if any. It further integrates with the back end financial system of the organization to push the billing details and to pull the overall statement of accounts.

Customer View

ADAMETRIC'S Xpertallows access to customers and manages their contact details, equipment details, Seek and approves quotations for non standard service, renew service level agreements, Login a problem, track the status of reactivation of the problem, maintain his service invoices and payments made. Send enquiry for replacements or new equipments.


Xpert provides monitoring of the various routine services operational alerts such as contract expiry alerts, warranty expiry alerts, preventive maintenance calls, call status, overdue contract payments and warranty claims.


Xpert provides various analytical reports like Work order tracking, Technician efficiency, Contract profitability, Spares consumption, Inventory reports. Extensive usage of visual representation of such analysis reports has been incorporated.

xPERT Benefits