xcERPt – the smart ERP

xcERPt is an Enterprise Business application and is designed to help your business grow. The reliable platform enables you to extend your enterprise business systems to include supply chain management, customer relationship management and enterprise portal applications.

A Smart Solution for Smart people

An application that is simple to use, flexible to meet your specific needs, scalable to grow with you, integrated across all of your operations and built entirely on the true component architecture.

The suite provide complete integration across your enterprise to deliver real-time manufacturing, engineering, sales, after sales service, projects and accounting information.

You'll gain more efficient operations, shorter time-to-market, more accurate forecasts, and your organization will work better as a team to provide top-notch customer service.


Business processes rather than traditional departments drive our design. In today's world, and especially in medium-large enterprises, people often cover entire business processes or even multiple related processes. They cut across multiple modules and departments. Here is a mapping chart as guidance:

Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash covers the business process for creating a quote for a prospect or customer,order management, invoicing, and cash receipt. The functionality is highly integrated withSupply Chain Management and Customer Management. In traditional systems, you find this in modules like order entry and accounts receivable:

  • Quotes
  • Sales Order
  • Shipments
  • Customer Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Bank Statements

Requisition to Pay

Requisition to Pay covers the business process for creating requisitions, purchase order,invoice receipt, and payment processing. The functionality is highly integrated with SupplyChain Management. In traditional systems, you find this functionality in modules like purchasing and accounts payable:

  • Requsition
  • Purchase Order
  • Material Receipts
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Payments
  • Bank Statements

Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management is not an independent module, but the logical view of all customer and prospect related activities. Customer management functions are an integrated part of the business process. Therefore, there are (in contrast to traditional CRM systems) no batches or synchronization processes for the back-office functionality:

  • Lead & Activity Training
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Self Service Online Enquiry

Partner Relations Management

Partner Relations Management links different clients to each other allowing them to manage lead distribution, service requests, collateral distribution, and marketing expenses. It also allows you to provide (centralized) services:

  • Relationship Management Across Servers
  • Lead Distribution And Tracking
  • Marketing Expense Accounting
  • Collateral Ordering
  • Customer Service & Warranty Requests
  • Shared Services
  • Centrally Maintained Information

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management covers all material management activities including inventory receipts, shipments, moves, and counts within a client and its organizations and to suppliers and customers:

  • Product Catalogue
  • Distribution And Multi warehouse Control
  • Materials Management
  • Product/Service Costing
  • Edi Integration

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis covers the costing and accounting dimension of the application. In traditional systems, you find this functionality in Reporting and General Ledger, modules as well as in those modules that generate accounting entries:

  • Accounting Rules
  • Integrating Reproting
  • Data Warehousing & Olap
  • Manual Journals
  • Generated Journals

Take your Business Online

xcERPt Web Store provides all you need to run your web presence. The information is shared with the standard application, so no synchronization or extra integration work is required. The web store components can be customized to the look-and-feel of your web site:

  • Online Product Catalogue
  • Online Pricing & Availability
  • Online Sales Transactions
  • Supporting Components

xcERPt Benefits